Headstamp id w 380


Is this an early Winchester headstamp, or if not, Who made it?
Very old black powder rounds, tried to remove powder to preserve,
successful with one of four rounds.
Many black spots on cases, when projectile removed, brass like tissue paper,
and powder set like cement. Cases just fell in half as taped when in kinetic
bullet puller.


Well, the ‘W’ looks a little Winchester-ish, but I’d be surprised if it is. Unfortunately, I have neither the headstamp in my collection, nor any reference that identifies the maker.


Hi Terry,

In my collection I have a 7.92 x 57 cn


Thanks for trying, if I end up preserving one specimen of this headstamp in this calibre, it would be good to know who made it! and I would not feel too bad about advancing the inevitable destiny of the other three rounds.


This headstamp also exists in .450 Revolver. The only explanation I’ve seen so far coincides with Dutch’s suggestion that it was Weiss, Hungary. No proof so far!
Terry: when you tried to pull the specimen, did you notice what type of primer it had?


Chris, De-primed a damaged case.
They are not SOLID HEAD cases, the primer section protrudes into the case, as with many old cases
Single flash hole, no anvil in cases.
Copper, small pistol size, .175 inch
Marginally longer than modern primers.
Coroded but appears to be a self contained primer containing the anvil,
but have been informed some old primers were loaded into cases in two parts, the anvil and the primer, unsure of this!!
I have very limited knowledge on old primers, have only reloaded 38/357
and several modern rifle rounds.