Headstamp id


I have this headstamp v inside triangle listed as Government Arsenal Yugoslavia, Valor Brand 22 rimfire…
Here is a plastic container I just obtained, containing 6mm blanks.
the headstamp is as in the 2nd picture.
Translation or more information would be great.


Terry - everything on the label is already translated right on the label, into both English and German, along with the Serbian as well. The only thing not translated, because there is nothing to translate, is the name of who made these blanks, UNIS-Pobjeda, of Gurazde, Yugoslavia.


Yes John, my question was not well presented, in fact now that I have more time Iwas going to edit it, but you beat me. What I want to find out is!
Was the manufacturer, UNIS-Pobjeda, a Yugoslav Government Arsenal.
As I have 2 references to show that the v in a triangle headstamp was attributed to a Government arsenal.
They are on rimfire ID charts that I have showing the headstamp, TWO SIZES KNOWN, they are old charts, no author is noted, but cover about 300 rimfire headstamps, and do have some anomalies, so now that I actually have a packet and cartridges with the headstamp I thought I would check.


As far as I know, Pobjeda is a private firm. It is now in Bosnia and Herzegovina, since the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was a Communist country, but Tito marched to his own drummer and I don’t think that every major company was necessarily Government owned. I think there is a “habit” with some people who write lists to call makers “Government” Factories if they ever made military ammo at all, and if they don’t know the actual name of the factory associated with a letter or numerical code. I am not even saying that this is a bad thing. Lots of us use the term “Arsenal” for the numbered factories that we don’t know the name and location of and that, perhaps, is not always the most accurate description for a factory. Pobjeda’s primary lines of .22 ammo and blanks are what make me believe they are a private firm, although they have made 9mm Para ammo as well, and perhaps other calibers.

I do not know their relationship with UNIS “Ginex” d.d., also of Gorazde, in Bosnia and Herzogevina. The Pobjeda catalog I have shows rounds with the UNIS headstamp in calibers 8mm and 9mm P.A. blanks, but then they also show a G.F.L. (Fiocchi) headstamp in their catalog for a 9mm (.380 rimmed) Knallpatrone blank. They must do business in the Middle East, because the catalog is in English and Arabic.

UNIS makes mostly primers and blasting caps. I don’t know if they own Pobjeda, or what. Their catalog is bigger and fancier than Pobjeda’s, but that doesn’t really say anything. The UNIS Catalogs, which I got at the SHOT Shows 2004 and 2005, don’t actually mention Pobjeda anywhere. Unfortunately, My Pobjeda catalog is undated, but I might have obtained it at a SHOT Show and forgotten to have noted the date of the show on it. It does not show the “UNIS-Pobjeda” joint name that is on your box, either.

Perhaps one of the Europeans knows more about these two factories, and their ties, formal or informal, with each other.


Thanks John, I agree ! As many of the entries in some of the old headstamp charts that I have show “Government Arsenal” and I have discounted a lot of these simply by checking up to date information on other reference such as the IAA headstamp section,
That is why I posed the question, as the Serbian language is a mystery to me and could not be confident with the references I possessed.