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I found this WWI cartridge while metal detecting. I suppose it’s german, but can someone help me with the “W” and “V” letters? I overwrote with white because it’s rusty.

Thanks anticipately.

I’m going to go with an Austrian 8x50R Mannlicher round, made at Wollersdorf. The “V” is the Roman numeral 5, used as a lot/month code.

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Same here…it would help if ID questions also include a whole lenght view of a case or cartridges, as well as the headstamp. That way similar headstamps on different calibers can be distinguished.

Doc AV

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I will include them in the future posts, thanks!

That is a 8 x 50 R M. 93 headstamp used by Manfred Weiss, Budapest.

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So it was made in Wollesdorf or Budapest? Is there any other detail that might help at this part of the ID?

I was chewing a bagel pre-coffee when I answered, and didn’t look at any sources. I’d go with Fede, but happily accept full credit if I was right.

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As said Fede, it is a 8×50mmR Mannlicher, made at the Manfred Weiss Patronenfabrick, Budapest.
It was the ordinance munition of the Austro-Hungarian Army during the WWI.
The number at 12 o’clock represent the month written in Roman numbers.
Here you can read some references (in Spanish): http://www.municion.org/8mann/8mann.htm
Is present even the one of yours, but with different years!

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Johnny - sorry my friend, but Fede is correct. I just verified it from three different sources, the best one of which was Josef Mötz’s Volume I on Austrian Military cartridges. The “W” in this case is representative of Manfred Weiss, Budapest-Czepel. For 1918, the cartridge is only shown made in that Month (V=May). That is the trouble with single-initial headstamps. At the time, of course, both Austria and Hungary were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

John Moss


Thank you all!