Headstamp ID

I’m seeking head stamp information on two cartridge cases. The first is a .303: R L, broad arrow, III and a symbol I don’t know. The other is a very small rimfire case with H Headstamp
Thanks in advance for any help members can give.

First one is a .303 British made by Royal Laboratories in the UK. III is the Mk number (Mk III ball) and the C indicates cordite as the propellant. The line through the C is to cancel that part of the headstamp, so I would assume this was subsequently loaded with black powder but I am not 100% sure on that.

I think it is a Mk111 BP Blank. Should have 6 lobe crimps at the mouth.

You could be right Ron - I forgot they didn’t use the L prefix on blanks until the Mk V.

The H? There are many but this is just Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

Apologies, forgot to ask about the calibre! Thanks!

I can comfirm, it is a MkIII blank…ref .303 inch British Service Ammunition by A.O.Edwards, page 97.


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According to the amazing book by A.O.Edwards which Tony has cited above,
as It was said, it is a " blank .303 Black powder without bullet Mark III"
converted from a " .303 cordite ball mark II" on wich the C was cancelled and a “I” was added.

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Thank you - now that I look at it, it is clear that the first I is different to the other two. I should know better than to post when I don’t have my reference books handy!

The rim fire “H” case appears to be a .41 rimfire made by Winchester

Thank you All for your invaluable assitance!