Headstamp ID


Need some assistance with a headstamp. I am far from my home and research materials.
Four element headstamp.
Prancing lion at 12 o’clock.
II at 3 o’clock.
M in a partial circle at 6 o’clock.
35 at 9 o’clock.

All elements separated by impressed line.



Chris–Good to hear from you. Come home soon. The Forum needs you.

The Prancing Lion is used on Bulgarian made ammo. Are you sure it is a M in a circle and not a C with an A inside? CA would be a cyrillic “SA” for Sofia Arsenal. The M in a partual circle is the Czechoslovakian Government Arsenal (Povaszka Strojarne–Povaszka Factory) at Povaszka, Bystrica, Czechoslovakia.


I should think this headstamp is on a 8mm x 50mm Austrian Mannlicher round in which case it would be manufactured by Povazska Strojame, Czechoslavakia (indicated by the M in a circle symbol) on contract for Bulgaria (the rampant lion) in the second quarter of 1935.


Thanks all.
I am headed home soon… golly gee does it have anything to do with SLICS??? Maybe!