Headstamp ID?


I found this pic amongst some Libyan Rebel photos and it shows a belt of what looks like either 30 cal or 12.7 ammo. It’s hard to tell without anything for scale, but the headstamp is partly visible on a few of them. It definitely has 2 stars - one on the left and one on the right, and what looks like an “81” and then perhaps “SB”, “SMI”, or “SB-T”? I can’t tell, anybody recognize it?


It is 12.7mm as those are DShk links, but I can’t help much on the identity. Like you, I have tried playing with the picture and the best i can come up with is Factory 188 made in 81.



Thanks Tony - I couldn’t tell if they were B’s or 8’s, but being 12.7 would tend to narrow it towards Russian stuff in this case, so 188 it is.


My first thought was 188.


Same headstamp on a 12.7 x 108 fluted dummy:


The belt is not DShK but NSV-12.7


I also go for Russian made 12.7x108 by 188 (LVE, Novosibirsk).