Headstamp identification help

Ok so I’m trying to find out where a bullet she’ll came from but it’s a bit dirty but I can see RWS and 9mm and then something curves around and I can see the letters nall I think they are.
Is there also any way I can clean the shell safely to read the headstamp properly?

Photos would be a big help. RWS is a German factory which used this code from just after WWI on 9mm P08 ammunition. Their P08 ammunition during most of the 1930s was actually made by Geco.

More later!


This is what I took at the time but I’ll try to get a better picture soon

As to cleaning, I have used liquid dish soap and warm water to clean some fired/never loaded cartridges, and a mild polishing medium, like “Never Dull Magic Wadding Polish” on others.
Mindfull that I do not use the first method on OLD/potentially valuable/loaded rounds, but I have used the Never Dull gently on the rims of WWI era cartridge headstamps without damage, and wipe them clean with soft cotton [t-shirt] afterwards.
I await sugestions from others…

Google RWS 9mm Knall and you will see pictures in images.


Do you know if these guns or bullets were used for anything major in German history?

Well, in this case the best would be a new years celebration.

My recollection is that the 9mm Knall was introduced within the last 20 years. I can’t imagine anything major in German history this noise blank could be associated with.

You should check Wikipedia to learn more about the round