Headstamp identification

Hi, the owner of this trench art shell sent me the picture of the headstamp. No readable date, WWI or WWII? I would appreciate your help.

Big stuff is not my area of expertise but I expect any manufacture of a U.M.C.Co. headstamped item would predate WWI by at least a couple of years.

Is this the headstamp?
UMCCo punt hs vic 2020 DT

Yes, definitely. Looks so obvious suddenly. Except for the date of manufacture which is badly scraped .Thanks

You are right. UMC Co had their headquarters in Bridgeport, CT, and supplied ammunitions during WWI. Thanks for the identification in time.

Actually, after c.1911, the company name was no longer “UMC” and that brand, by the UMC name, ceased to exist as a separate company. The name after that was Remington-UMC.

As such, UMC did NOT supply ammunition during WWI. The end of that company, by name, predates even the years of “The Great European War” by about three years. That is not to say that no UMC ammunition, still left in stores in various countries, could not have been used, but if so, it was supplied by UMC prior to the WWI or by suppliers other than UMC from stocks on hand. This would include Remington-UMC.

In my view, the headstamp on the shell in question, “U.M.C.Co.” signals production of that shell prior to the beginning of WWI.

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John Moss

Thanks for the precision. It is useful for me if I ran into other UMC cartridges