Headstamp info wanted of new Latvian company "VAIROG"

Latvia has a new cartridge manufacturer which is named “VAIROG”. This reminds us of the “old” Vairogs which was the former S&B plant. As we know Vairogs made cartridges till 1945. If my info is right they made priming screws after the war and the last one known is from 1959 (sure later ones can exist).
But back to “VAIROG”, they have a registered business in the US too (sure to qualify for sales to the US govt).

Has anybody seen their headstamps already?
To my understanding they have started ammo operations in 2017.
As per their US website they are making:
6.5x49 (Creedmor)
7.62x35 (300 Blackout)

The Latvian website:

The US branch:

I asked them before for info and this is what they sent me for case and headstamp for the .223 rem.(Headstamp looks like an indented shield…but blank)

I just talked to them. There will be letters in the shield logo. If made in the USA will have VUS. If Made in Latvia will have VEU (EU for Europe)

Cartridgecorner, this is great! Thanks a lot!
Looking forward to see the headstamps with the added letters then.

Hey all

Looks like this deal is dead. The US website is down. I heard there was parting of the ways between parties - US and Lat. Not sure of the details.

Indeed, they are not on the IWA exhibitor list for 2020.

I just see their “European” website is still working.
Maybe paid in advance and also soon to disappear.
Also I can not find any solid contact data or who is running the site.