Headstamp list spreadsheet, an experiment

I snagged the table from the IAA website, parsed it into a spreadsheet and imported it into google docs.
http://www.cartridgecollectors.org/headstampcodes <- original link here, spreadsheet link below.

I set it so that anyone with the link can edit.

Take a look. Play with it. In theory you can embed pictures of symbols, etc into it.

Hungarians have been corrected (21,23) and added (22,25)


Nice collection of data!

It is sourced from here:

I just got the idea to allow crowd sourcing of the data from that other google sheets idea from the other day.

Added a few German 7,9 head stamps


I’ve corrected RANO. RANO was a joint venture of Raufoss and Norma in Norway and Norma in Sweden was not part of it.

54,343,HASAG,kam,nbe,Pk, - corrected, W with Eagle (added),WWAK,(added), Z ( added),


This is awesome; I reformatted and printed to my liking…great start