Headstamp not on lists

Trying to determine origin of the following headstamp codes:

All letters are on the 12:00 position of 7.62X51 rounds with have the 7.62 marked at the bottom:


In the lot were GI and GG’s which were German and while I assume that given the Alphabetic sequence, they are probably the same, but if anyone could qualify or refute that, I would appreciate it greatly.

Thanks in advance for your help.


This is likely to be more of the surplus Singapore (Singaporean?) 7.62 produced by CIS and recently released as surplus.

I agree - these appear to be CIS (Chartered Industries Singapore) date codes, not manufacturer’s identifications.

These rounds turned up in the UK some years ago, the letters are a simple date code where A=1, B=2, C=3 etc. so GG=1977.


Am closing in on it. CAI had a parent company owner and changed names.

I have their 7.62 brochure from Singapore Technologies Kinetics, LTD

Once I have resolved this (inshallah) I will advise the moderator so he can add to his current list if desired.

PS: Who were you with in the Army? I just retired finally.