Headstamp of Union Metallic Cartridge & Co., Bridgeport

I found this headstamp of 11,15 x 57R Spanish Remington case at well known web MUNICIONS.ORG (direct link municion.org/altres/11_15x57R.htm)

The remark to the picture of this headstamp indicate that case was made by Union Metallic Cartridge & Co., de Bridgeport (Connecticut). The same headstamp we can find on the case of the Russian Berdan cartridges.

So, I have some questions:

  1. Is it really headstamp of UMCCo?
  2. When (and how long) UMCCo use such headstamp?
  3. What another USA companies produced Berdan Cartridges (or their components) for Russian Government?

Treshkin–Yes, it was a headstamp used by U.M.C. in the 1880’s.

Thank you!

Is it possible that UMCCo used that headstamp in a period 1868-1873 for Russian Berdan cartridges?

I believe that two star headstamp is sometimes seen on Sharps cartridges. Is it definately a Spanish Remington, or could it possibly be a .44-77 Sharps.

Thank you

I believe it is not the Spanish. but as Guy mentions, a .44-77 Sharps.
They are close, very, very close, but my understanding is that these rounds with the raised star(s) were a “match” loading.
It should have the typical Remington round nose paper patched bullet which is unknown to me on UMC produced Spanish (I don’t have one in my collection, by W.R.A.Co. - yes, but not by UMC.)
The two UMC rounds for the Spanish (headstamped 44-77) are without a patch and exhibit the more pointed style round nose typical of the Spanish bullet.

The cartridge in question is in fact a .43 Spanish Remington. Some of them were found in Argentina. The stars look exactly just like the ones found in .40-90 Sharps, Necked 2 5/8