Headstamp on 14.5 x 114 blank help

Typical red fiber “board” wad blank with reddish brown lacquer case. Only headstamp is “86” (@ 6 o’clock)

who’s is it ?

I have a brass “colored” version with headstamp 21 89 I attribute to Hungary…is that one right ? (and a red lacquer case mouth seal)

while asking…are these blanks designed for anything special ?


that sounds like Romania. Apparently they took the manufacturer code during the 80s off their cases.


Pepper, that “21” is Romanian too (Uzinale Metalurgica Di Copsa Mica Si Cugir) since Hungarian “21” (Bakony Muvek, Veszprem) did not make 14.5x114. A wide spread missassumption.

thanks to you both (that was easy)

I shutter to think how many other rounds are in the wrong drawer !!!

More than we can think of. I help to keep that number up too often. ;-(


I am a detail guy…but for my inventory “Romania” will do

I wouldn’t sleep at night trying to correctly insert “Uzinale Metalurgica Di Copsa Mica Si Cugir”

I love the Forum !