Headstamp software programs ("showing off")

This is a pic of my screen icons taken this AM. Included is MSELECT, Headstamp Manager and Headstamp Designer. Have not yet been engrossed enough to give a full report, but inital impression is these are awesome programs for what we, here, do for fun. Will give details and opinions as I delve further into each of the programs.

Hi Slick Rick

Looking forward to see how you rate this program, looked at it several times but have not found some one using it. Is it user freindly and timely.


very cool rick!

What would be the “upper calibre limit” of headstamp designer? Could you use it to do artillery rounds?

Hey Falcon

The Designer/Drawer program is not restricted to size. What little I’ve messed with it so far, it seems almost limitless in fonts and layout, primer crimps, you name it. Allows you to replicate just about any headstamp you’d come across. I was doodling with a 37-85 “PDPs” h/s, just see. It will definitely handle those variables. Just gotta find the exact font. That proved to be the most time consuming part as there seems to be a hundred or so. Philippe was kind enough to forward along some additional, “foreign” fonts as well. On that note, he has been a pleasure to deal with. Very helpful and got me set up and going in no time. Definitely knows his stuff, computer and ammo both.


PS Love that 40MM you posted on BOCN. May copy that with a “blank” projo I have. The profile is a little different, but is close enough to suit me.