Hi all ! I have an inside primed shot shell dug out of garden by my wife
the head stamp is " CYCLAMEN " it has a copper head and copper or metal lined body
was possibly covered with paper or cardboard.
The head measures .5 of an inch [13.15mm ] and is 1.25 inches OAL [13.15mm ]
is in poor condition but these are actual measurements with micrometre but could vary with decayed parts of shell! !
Strange coincidence as a Cyclamen if a flowering plant !
My house is in excess of 90 years old so that possibly explains the odd and old coins and cartridges we
occasionally dig up.
Hoping someone can help Terry.

Possibly an electrical fuse? The fuses in the original fuse box of my grandparents’ 1911 house looked like shotshells, except that they had brass caps on both ends. Jack

Terry, from your description I believe that you have found an old lipstick case. I do not use make-up nor collect these things, but I have seen similar items in antiques markets. Can you post some pictures?