Headstamped 9 mm Bergmann-Bayard by AEP


Hello John, after reading your great book on the 9x23 cartridges, I think you may be interested in this one. This is a headstamped example of a 9 mm Bergmann-Bayard made by Anciens Etablissements Pieper. The marking is very faint and almost unnoticeable and these are mostly considered “unheadstamped” to the naked eye.

Total weight is 200.2 gr, primer is flat brass and bullet jacket is cupro-nickel. The case has a plain cannelure starting at 6,05 mm from the case mouth. Dimensions are:

Total lenght: 33,11-33,12 mm
Case lenght: 23,02-23,05 mm
Rim diameter: 9,74-9,75 mm
Head diameter: 9,87-9,87 mm
Neck diameter: 9,68-9,70 mm
Bullet diameter: 8,95-8,96 mm
Rim thickness: 1,25-1,28 mm
Groove diameter: 8,38-8,41 mm
Groove lenght: 2,33-2,35 mm


Fede - Thanks. This has been pointed out to me, but this is the best photo of these astonishingly poorly stamped rounds. I looked in my collection and all my dupes when I first found out about it, to no avail. I’ll admit I have never looked closely at “familiar” looking unheadstamped 9 x 23s, which are a confusion in their own right.

Great round. Congratulations. I will print this out for my copy of the book, in case of a second edition some day - not likely, but then who knows.