Headstamps ID

anybody can help with manufacturers? :)

11.15x60R Mauser - No headstamp, only recharge circles and slight groove around. Also on aside - recharge groove so low?

11.15x60R Mauser - HB&C?

second with same headstamp

10.75x58R Berdan - Ч?

and Lebel 8x50R - DTE - P

The reload marks are the 2 circles on the head. The “groove” on the side is no marking (and never was as what you refer to was a knurling and much later used).
What you have here is a composite case (two pieces riveted together).
If I remember correctly these were British made cases.

Your “HB&C?” is actually “H E & C” = PATRONENHÜLSENFABRIK HENRI EHRMANN & Cie" (Cartridge case factory aka HENRI EHRMANN & Cie) existed from 1872 to 1878. This was the first company in a sequence of companies eventually becoming DWM in 1896,

Only produced empty cases. HS known from : “HE&C 1875 VIII” until at least "HE&C 1878 “IX” (same as yours = Sep 1878).

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Thanks for explaining. so that’s why it’s knurled? I am right?

Ah, now I got it, you are referring to the knurling right on the case head if that line there is one?

Yes, haha ;)

The Lebelcase:
Case was made January 1907. ART.D is the designation of the cartridge case model. DTE is unknown according my sources. P is the metal supplier, brass factory at Pontgibaud.

Regarding the .42 Berdan I would suspect the ‘ch’ indicates the brass supplier and that the case manufacturer’s initial is in the midst of that corrosion. Date is 84? Jack

Yes :) “Artillerie D pour balle ogivale Desaleux dite balle “D”” I counted that someone will know the DTE… But let’s wait. Thanks!

It’s Ч III 8 4. III trimester. On municion I found Ч as Chikin. Cartridge made in Sankt Petersburg. But can not found this Chikin.

By far not all Russian brass suppliers are identified by now.

While Captain Desaleux was involved in the firing tests, it is my understanding based on French sources that there were five variations of the bullet design, simply designated A through E, and in the end D was chosen. It was not named after Desaleux.

Mmm… good to know. There is any information about why named “D” then?

I am not sure I understand your question. You test five types, designated A through E.The one that gives the best results is the fourth type, identified by letter D.

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