Headstamps on 7,62x39R Russian Nagant in 1940


I would like to share the results of my random observation on 7,62x39R Nagant headstamps datted 1940

My fellow digger presented me 3 standard paper packs with Russian Nagant cartridges, 14 cartridges each. On the upper surface of the packs there was a dated of manufacuring - ??? (month?) 1940

The inner surface of each wrapping paper has a stamp indicated the type of load - Smokeless (powder), weight of the load 0,25 grams

When I check the headstamps I was surprised because of variety symbols styles, different depth of stamping and even different orientation of the symbols. At last, one cartridge from those 42’s was without headstamps at all. I always thinking that unheadstamped Nagant cartridges was made during WWII, but this cartridges datted 1940.