Headstamps on RWS 9,3x62 cases

Today I found two RWS 9,3x62 cases with different style of headstamp
Is it possible to identify who made these cases (cartridges) and when? May be one of those cases was made for RWS?

Thanks for any info




both are from RWS itself. The first one is post WWII, the other one is pre WWII

Although some researchers associate the dot to Norma, that is probably only a lot mark. .RWS and .R.W.S.headstamps also exist.
Dots were used also with the “N” headstamp

Pivi, what you say may be correct but the RWS use of “dots” is more complicated (and confusing) than that. Firstly there are many more variations than have been mentioned so far:

(all likely pre WW2)
.R W.S.
.R.W.S. N.
R.W.S. N.
R.W.S. -N.

(all likely post WW2)
RWS. (in at least three font size/spacings)

as well as dots at both 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock (post WW2)

(from 1909-1930’s)

The dots may well be related to lot numbers but Norma catalogs (eg 2007, 2009) definetly do show that Norma produced “RWS.” hs (as well as “Geco.” hs).

The earliest styles have dashes.
(early 1900’s, possibly even earlier)
R-W-S. N

In addition RWS hs are found with 5&6 pointed stars (produced by Hirtenberger), Stars indicating Magnum loadings or Steel cases.

Cataloging all of these variations is difficult. Any more details would be appreciated.

The many dots or lack of them is found RWS and Geco pistol ammunition as well.


Above are just examples - not necessarily all found. The same sort of “dotting” is found with the caliber
marking as well, and the caliber metric designation is found as “mm” or m/m.

I have always felt that it is a date code, but I have no evidence to prove that, so it is pure conjecture on my part.

Thanks all for a great comments

John, regarding those Geco headstamped with dots, which ones have a Sinoxid primer and which ones have both the Sinoxid primer and the red seals (Oeldicht)? These two characteristics may help to narrow dates.

There are also .RWS. pistol cartridges with dots at both 8 and 4 o’clock (Sinoxid & Oeldicht).