Headstemp R--?

[b]Who is the manufacturer of this Headstemp? Remington?

Thank you for your help.[/b]

It should be RUAG Ammotec.

Ruag makes ammo with their own headstemps?
I think, if the Ruag ammo is manufactured in Germany the headstemp is DAG for example.

RUAG owns several factories all over Europe. It also depends much on who is ordering and what his requirements are. The German Bundeswehr is listing “R–” as RUAG Ammotec. So once they are ordering from RUAG it must be the case that this company also has it’s own designator, no matter which factory within the concern made these rounds. It may take us a while to find out if all new RUAG ammo for the German armed forces is now marked “R–”.
Also we need to know if your blank was actually made for the Bundeswehr.

Hi, is a BW cartridge.

This is a RUAG load, with a very recent hst (at least for me). I have only seen it on .223 blanks at the Thun factory. The primer and black seal are typical of Swiss .223 manufacturing.

Ah ok, youre right, looks similar to the Thun cartridges.

The crimp closure and paint color looks very similar to the one used on 7.5x55 grenade blank loaded by/for Saltech discussed before (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14174&hilit=7.5x55&start=0). By the way, my guess was wrong, these cases were not made by PPU but Igman. The first order placed in 2008 by Saltech was for 500.000 NPE blank cases and 277.200 were delivered by 2012.

Fede, from AREX (Slovenia) which was selling those to Switzerland told me in 2006 that the cases were made in Serbia (sowith by PPU).
Is Igman maybe a later issue?

Alex, the ones you mention would be those headstamped SAA 05 with nickeled primer and without sealant.

Fede, I know of such a “SAA 05” with green sealant.

Alex, sorry, I mean “without primer sealant”. Both have green sealant over the mouth crimp.

So if I got it right those dated 05 should not be from Igman no?