Heavy Express


I have at home some cartridges Heavy Express and Heavy Express Short Action Magnum. I don’t have about them any information. Knows somebody details about these cartridges? Producer, story, ballistics, photo box package and below.


Vit - I was hoping that someone who knows something about these sporting rifle cartridges would answer this. As you know, I am an auto pistol guy and don’t know much about other fields. Here is what is in my files, though:

Heavy Express Inc. is located at 1515 S. Tejon #201, P. O. Box 60698, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80960 and is owned and operated by Mr. Jim Busha. He manufactures a group of proprietary cartridges under the “HE MAG” brand name. He actually appears to be a custom gun maker more than an ammunition person, but supplies 100 empty cases with each gun he sells in his own calibers. They are based on the .348 Winchester cartridge, with the cases remachined to his specifications, and the old headstamp removed and a new one applied. Headstamps of “H.E.”, “HE MAG”, and “HESAM” have been noted. See the IAA Journal, Issue 413 (May/Jun 2000, page 39, for many of these headstamps (22 are pictured). Evidently, for a short time only before they went out of business, MAST Technology of Las Vegas, Nevada, made some cases - the ones marked HESAM. On these, the caliber was laser engraved on the cases. Some have a caliber followed by the letters “SAM” which means “Short Action Magnum.”

I’m sorry, but I have no technical information on these rounds (ballistics) and don’t know if the maker is still in business or not.

Thanks to George Kass and Otto Witt for virtually all of this information. Without them, my files would be about half as comprehensive as they are.


Hallo John.

I thank you for information and initiative. I have already some further information got.