Heavy M993? 152 Grain

Good afternoon. Could use some help please.
Was sent a few of these tungsten core armor piercing projectiles that weigh in the neighborhood of 152 grains. They are in the shape/design of the M993 (AP8) made by NAMMO (FFV/CG). But the M993 are 126 grains.

The projectiles in question are on the left, next to an unfinished M993 section. It has a gliding metal jacket that is notched to fit the larger core. Definitely tungsten in a aluminum pusher cup and with remnants of a black tip. The tungsten has a more of a silvery rough finish. Projectiles do have faint pull marks but don’t lineup with any of the 7.62 (or 30.06 either) that are in my collection.

Does anyone know of the manufacturer who made these and/ or maybe for what?
Thanks for any help.

I bought about eight .50 cal. cans full of the jackets you have shown here a few years back. The cans were marked “M993”. The jackets were standard USGI M-62 tracer jackets (GM) that had had the lead core removed and the jacket trimmed and bored as shown. The fellow I bought them from said that the manufacture was trying to build a cheaper M993 domestically for plate/body armor testing, but that the bullet design was rejected by the DOD. Some of these loose projectiles have shown up on the commercial market. Sorry, I do not know the manufacture’s name. JH

Kevin, these looks the same or very similar to the new armor piercing 10 made by Nammo.