Heavy MG non disintegrating belt?

Heavy MG non disintegrating belt?

Joe, this is a 10rd segment (standard length) for the NSV-12.7 (12.7x108). Most likely Soviet/Russian (but was also made in several other countries).


Thanks. I was thinking you would know.
No markings on it that I can see…



When you refer to a ten round length as standard, does that mean longer lengths are assembled at some point from these units in the field or otherwise?


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Dave, yes, they always take 10rd segments and connect these. It is rather simple as the links are all the same, just the last one is not crimped and the “T-connector” can be hooked up when no round is in the link.
As soon as a round is removed from the 10th link the belt comes apart.

Often the 10th segment (the uncrimped link) has a white stripe on the back so the link that is holding the “locking round” is easily IDd in case a belt has to be separated or does not come apart by itself when empty.
Image source: internet:

Text removed as it was incorrect.


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xjda68 belt is 12.7x108 for DShKM weapon.
EOD belt is indeed for 12.7x108 NSV weapon.

Both belts are different , in particuliar on the tongue which engages the cartridge case extraction groove.


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But from my practice they are mutually interchangeable

Jean-Francois, I just noticed that I have screwed up the iD of teh first image Joe had posted.
Thank you for waking me up…

Do these 10 round belt segments come packed in a spam can? If so are there photos of the spam can labels?

On Russian or Ukrainian collector forums span cans are often called ZINCs since earlier spam cans were made from zinc plated (galvanized) sheet metal. Using Google Translator: патронных цинков = Cartridge Zinc; Крышки патронных цинков = Cartridge Zinc Lid.

Example below shows 30 x 165mm links packed in a spam can: (https://forum.guns.ru/forummessage/216/1809393.html)

Any information, corrections are most welcomed!



Brian, I never saw the 10rd segments in tins as these are not considered “expendables”.
While disintegrating “single links” are expendables and are stored and packed respectively.
Though it would be nice to have official confirmation for this.

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The first time I see the links are packed in “zinc”.

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