Hebler Bullets and the Man


Greetings all. I am writing and article, which may end up as part of a PhD on Professor Friedrich Wilhelm Hebler and his Cartridges. I am most particularly interested in obtaining any information. I have collected quite a bit and photographs of cartridges and made a Dave’s guide to identifying them. He was a prolific designer and did a lot of experimentation. More importantly I need copies of his books, photocopies preferred, and any information on the man himself. He was born in Bern in 1844 and married in 1874. He is also listed as having worked at the Tuchnikum Burgdorf. I have now retired and can devote more time to cartridge research. Merry Christmas. Regards. Dave Andrew


I must still have some patents and articles from the beginning of the century if it is interesting you.
But they are in french.

And put your location in your profile



How about a holiday trip to Munich?
Bavarian state library (bsb-muenchen.de) has his three books:
“Das kleinste Kaliber oder das zukünftige Infanteriegewehr.” Zürich: Müller 1886
[second volume] same publisher 1891
and [Appendix] same publisher 1894

“Technikum” is an old expression for a school of engineers or technicians.

It is a very good idea to shed some light on this man and his work.


Dave - great to see your name on the Forum. I hope when you finish your labor on Hebler, that it will be available outside of the Academic community.

My best to you and your brother.