Hebrew & arabic headstamp

I’ve some questions on the headstamps shown below.

The first is an israelian .50 BAT Drill. I know the hebrew “TZ”- and the caliber-marking.
Does “2-78” mean february or second lot in 1978?
An what’s the meaning of the hebrew signs lefthanded of the “.50”? If my sources are correct, it should be a number. But which one and for what purpose?

The second one is an 30 x170 case for the Hispano-Suiza HSS831 AA-gun. It says that it’s maybe an egyptian one (the egypts used french AMX13 DCA AA-tanks), but when I compare it with arabic small arms ammo headstamps I find no correspondence between them. So, any help in translation/identification of this headstamp is welcome.

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I believe your second headstamp is Persian/Farsi language. This conclusion is solely based upon one character at about 5 o’clock. This appears to be the number 5, it shape is sometimes described as an upside heart.

The Hebrew to the left of the .50 is the word ‘TOL"AR’, the abbreviation for the phrase ‘TOTACH LO RECOIL’, or, RECOILESS CANNON.

The second is Egyptian. The headstamp reads

12 o’clock: Egypt-M

3 o’clock: 30 mm

6 o’clock: 56-140
I think this is year-lot. At that period Egypt had “Misr” in the headstamp. In 1958 or 1959 the United Arab Republic was founded and from that time on they headstamped that as ج م ع

9 o’clock: N3
no idea what that stands for

Christopher, I’m with you, the 5 placed a big question mark in my mind. Arabic ٥, Farsi ۵. But the ٤ is 100% not the Farsi ۴.

@Jon C.: Thanks a lot for the translation of the hebrew signs.

@christopherb. & Hans: Thanks a lot, too. I found the “upside heart” in various shapes in arabic and farsi sign-lists on the I*net - so it doesn’t matter that the shape at this headstamp is more farsi-like.

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