Heljac Cartridge offers on the Forum

Heljac: where is he now: Money sent to him but no delivery of cartridges. Any Help will be appreciated.

This is the second instance of a non-response from a paid transaction I have heard regarding this user. His name is Jacob and he lives in Kansas. Anyone know anything or ever talk to him? He was a regular forum user for over a year. Apparently emails & phone calls are going unanswered after payment, but there may yet be a medical or other reason to explain things. He is in the member directory.

I have had the same experience. Money order sent and no cartridges received. I have PMed and called repeatedly with no response. Had a check run on the Postal Money order I sent and it was cashed back on the 20th of November. Wish I knew what was going on here. Hopefully this is not a health issue.


Unfortunately I believe our money long gone but I hope not.

My Money order was also cashed in November. I checked the address and a picture of a new unoccupied house came up. I think we have been had. Isure wish that the Forum had a way to vet the users better.

Jim Alley

In terms of vetting, in order to sell things in the forum they have to be paid members which weeds out rifraff in general. Heljac had also done several posts and seemed ok back then. Seems stupid to go to all the trouble, be a paid member and then only ripoff two or three people. What he did was wire fraud, and compounded by involving a postal money order (if it was postal). Still, might have died or landed in jail - that would explain things. I didn’t find any results of the sort when I googled the name in his area though.