Hell of a primer strike on 7.92 SS ammo

what kind of gun would have made a primer strike like this on 7.92 SS marked ammo? it came from Russia. you can see the second ground dug SS case has just a light rifle strike on it.
is this from maybe an MG42? I thought the SS ammo was only used in rifles and delivered to SS camps or HQs?

That shape of striker is typical of the Czech designed machine guns and was retained for the UK adaptation as the Bren Gun and in the BESA MG. It is seen on the various ZB models made in Czechoslovakia. The Germans captured, and used, many Czech weapons.


I’ve got no idea in this case, a Bren gun firing pin has a similar strike

that makes sense . I know the SS early in the war used allot of ‘second hand guns’ so a Cz wouldn’t be out of place. I asked the guy I got them from were about he found them. maybe I can trace what unit they might have come from if i’m lucky. does anyone know how long they used the SS marked ammo in service?

Trevor: The German army used a lot of second hand small arms too. From what I’ve seen in discussions of these headstamps turning up in Russia it appears that this ammo, made in quite small quantities, lasted perhaps some months in combat areas after the German invasion of Russia in June 1941. Jack

These strikes have been discussed before. It is almost certainly a Czech ZB26 or ZB30 machine gun that caused this.

ZB26, ZB30, ZB37 (Upgraded ZB30J) and Vz37 (ZB53) Belt Fed. These were all fitted with oval firing pins, and all used by the Waffen-SS during the Invasion of Russia; especially in the “Northern Front” along the Baltic Coast;
Vz26/30 were also used in the Invasion of France ( as an adjunct to MG34s and the occasional MG08/15/34, by the Wehrmacht ( Photos have been posted here and in several “coffee table” Books).

Non-infantry units also tended to get the Czech equipment, although some Vz37 made it to North Africa, used by the AK and by the Italians. The Bersaglieri esp. liked the British Bren Guns, whose heavier calibre and reliability far outstripped the often-jamming Breda M30 LMG.

This topic has been treated well before on this Board and also Gun Boards, after the first Ukrainian finds of spent cases and unfired ammo in the relevant Battle areas known to be under Waffen SS

Just as a confirmation, had a friend big into Class III who had a ZB 26, and yes, those are the type of primer strikes his gun made. Cheers, Bruce.

the ammo came from St Petersburg so your right on about the northern front