Hello, a little advice?


I have landed on these forums because I thought there might be someone who can help me with a question. I have, what I believe is a Czech made 14.5mm round that is incediary. I would like to use the bullet head as a handle for a novelty item I am making, but would need to drill into the back of the bullet head about 3cm. Would this be an absolute no go zone? If it is dangerous, is there a way to “disarm” the what I guess would be white phosphorous in the cap?


Bad idea all around. Trying to inert an item like that could be down-right dangerous.

As Jonny said, stay on the safe side if you are uncertain.

The incendiary material is not white phosphorus and it is located in the front of the projectile. The problem for your plan is that to drill that deep, you will not be able to drill into the hardened steel core.


Images may help us as he may mean the 14.5mm spotter or HEI projectile.

Hmm my image didn’t work, here’s the object in question:

And just to make things clear, if I could drill 3cm into the back of the hardened steel or tungsten core, would it have a chance of setting off anything in the nose?

Does an Incendiary have a hardened steel core??? Most do not, unless it’s an API.

Regardless, not a good idea.

The image does not work.

Right-click were it says “Image”, then select “View Image” and voilà: B32 type API.

I tried on the very first posting already - no effect…

I don’t know why that image host isn’t working, it’s showing up for me. Here it is with another host:

Ok, now it works in all postings, strange.

I agree with what said above, you have a steel core inside this projectile and the incendiary composition is below the tip. You hardly will be able to drill that core besides that I would not recommend to do this.

Alright, cheers for the replies. I see that my idea is not safe or feasible. Good to see a community willing to help out a stranger!

Find a .50 BMG BALL projectile. These have a mild steel core and will be safe (and easy) to drill. They are also very common and easy to get.

Save the 14.5mm Round intact, it is a nice cartridge for display. If the bullet is left intact, the incendiary material shouldn’t be a hazard.