Hello and thanks

Hello IAA members. I have just joined the IAA, and the forum, and I just wanted to thank everybody here for this great resource of info and photos which I have used over the past several months, and have finally decided to join. Special thanks to Jim Frigiola and Al William for suggesting that I should join up. I’ve previously had dealings with Guy Hildebrand, CSAEOD, Mike Haas, Iconoclast, Dave Call, and Gary Reusze, and they’ve all been great to deal with. This is quite possibly the most useful and well-informed forum I have seen and is my pleasure to be a part of. I am a collector in Maine and I mostly collect military rifles cartridges in AP, API, Incendiary, as well as pistol-caliber AP cartridges, specialty shotgun shells, and Service/Ordnance revolver cartridges. Thanks!

Welcome, and you’re welcome!
You’re a bit off the beaten-path, but I hope you’ll contact other collecters up your way. We have 2 cartridge shows in PA that might interest you. Some North-Easterners make the trip every show.

Welcome DK!!! Your next big step is a trip to the St Louis International Cartridge Show (SLICS). Every trip to this show is a graduate level course on ammunition, even for guys like me who have been attending since the 1960s and still call it the “Chicago Show”.

Look forward to meeting you one of these days.

Cheers, Lew

Welcome aboard DK!!

kind regards

Welcome DK! Try to make it to St. Louis next month…it is amazing there.