Hello, can you help my ID these rounds?


First and foremost I’m new to the forum so please forgive me if I have posted this to the wrong section.

I was recently at a gun show and purchased two 50 bmg rounds. I do not own a gun that can fire them but I thought they were an interesting thing to buy and collect, a conversation round really. Anyway the seller was a bit of an odd fellow and said some things I don’t necessarily believe, but it’s not my place to call him out. The rounds have a colour tip that I have, so far, been unable to identify. They are (in descending order); blue red and black. Not something I’ve personally ever heard of. Now the seller claims they are APIT rounds from Israel, really all I want to know is what story to tell when I show people the ammo. I didn’t pay so much to be mad, they just go from being awesome to bring humorous. Any help you can give would be appreciated.


I think the armor piercing, incendiary tracer part is right. I imagine most people will want a pic of the headstamp as well.


Guessing he’s correct and it’s a Israeli API-T, headstamp will confirm…TZZ or TZ and date?



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Yes it’s Israeli, earlier headstamp in Hebrew.



Well I’m glad to see everyone is in agreement, is there a good online resource where I can find more information on these rounds?


Try to get hold of the guide on .50 headstamps and loads by Ron Fuchs. It is a free digital database.
An invaluable tool and unfortunately discontinued.



IMI uses NATO color codes now, but for specs and such