Hello from Massachusetts

Hello, I didn’t see a specific place for introductions so; I thought here should be OK.

My name is John and I’m from Mass.

Over the winter I had a chance to buy a small collection, about 200 pieces. I don’t know why but I just liked how it looked on the wall! Well, the other day I had a chance to purchase a large collection. So now I feel obligated to organize and record everything and share my findings with others who share in my new interest. I will need some time to review the terms needed to be accurate in my descriptions and I will have many questions, but will lurk around a bit and search the site. I will try and post a pic of one of the rimfire trays; it contains 101 cartridges, mostly Spencer and similar type.

I look forward in participating in this forum, John.

John, welcome here. You got to the right place. We are looking forward to have you as new fellow researcher.


Welcome aboard! Looks like you have a nice selection/collection of rimfires.


Where in MA? I’m a Springfield boy, went to school in Boston, and then lived on the Cape. I live in PA now but still root for the Sox. Make sure you read every bit of the IAA home page, lots of good info there.

From the Cape. Started out on the South Shore and worked my way down. I cant wait to dig in and start sorting. some stuff is labled but a lot isnt. i found some little 22 rimfire that has a brass base and a paper case/shell… the fun begins!

John–Let me be the first to help with an identification. Those “.22’s” with the brass base and paper tubes are actually 6mm Flobert Shot. They come in single charge and double charge, depending on their length. There are literally 100’s of variations. A description, or better a picture, of the side view and the headstamp will elicit an ID to company and country. The only U.S. ones are 9mm with “W” headstamp. Almost all of them are from Europe.

One BIG thing to keep in mind is that NO question is too “silly” or “dumb” to ask. I absolutely guarantee no one will make fun of any question you ask. We were all beginners at one time. For instance, when I first started out back in 1958 I placed an order with an old time dealer. His catalog listed a lot of cartridges with “PP”. It means “Paper Patched”, but I had never heard of a Paper Patched cartridge (I was 10) and I thought it meant “Post Paid”. I wondered why only certain cartridges on his list were Post Paid, but I went ahead and ordered ONLY cartridges that were “PP”. I was surprised when the package arrived and I had to pay a bunch of shipping charges. I wrote to the dealer (for you old timers, it was Pete Bigler) and asked why I was charged shipping for my “Post Paid” cartridges. Pete did not laugh at me. Instead he refunded my “Shipping” and explained what “PP” actually meant. It was the beginnings of many years of buying cartridges from him.


Good to see another MA resident/subject bravely enjoying such an [color=#0000FF]UN-PC[/color] hobby.

You will never have access to more information than can be found here.

Thanks, where in MA are ya from? I would love to see another collection and see how its organized… I need a mentor!! Lol

The paper rimfire was real delicate to handle, i think i need tweezers and a magnifying glass. I can post a pic of head stamp tonight. Looked like a star but a similar pic i saw called it a flying bird, no writing on the paper.

pic of paper 22? crumby cell phone pic…

John–It is a flying bird and is a product of Braun & Bloem, Dusseldorf, Germany. It dates from before WW-II.

Your picture is basically upside down.