Hello! New Member Intro

This seems to be the best place for this.

I would like to say hello and introduce myself.

My name is Jay Wolf and I am pr. of Elite Ammunition. I am the guy who has came up with radical 5.7x28 rounds and am rewriting the book on the 5.7x28 round. I also custom load benchrest quality large and obscure caliber hunting rounds, even if I have to make my own bullet to do so.

I decided to join when DKConfiguration posted up a pic on some ammo I have sitting around and a board member ASAP had an answer up.

Now I do not consider myself a cartridge collector because the term collector infers a cognitive direction to my collecting, Like DKConfiguration.
To quote one of the G&A gun scribes, I am a cartridge accumulator. If it looks neat it goes into my great big, actually many, great big boxes of everything. Currently I have sitting in the same bin the 30.06 bullet Mat with the help of the forum ID for me and 50-70 Rimfire round.

I do collect old hand loading manuals and NEVER pass up a chance to get one. There is SOMUCH gold and inspiration for a person like me buried in those pages!

Here are some of my bullet designs.

28gr. PFP .223




.338 RUM