Hello Would I would like more info on this shell

![image|690x920](upload://rvXZnSrPSLXmBQ4KnVjjoBZwe50.jpeg) ![image|690x920](upload://14snS384MmBDXziyOd8fDd3lteJ.jpeg) ![image|690x920](upload://iGhsS2D5VlfvV0kATjYV8SFmqva.jpeg) ![image|690x920](upload://ocw4gPr0jAMxiyeRQpsVKkvKQWd.jpeg) 

the markings on the inside near centre are: from 1oclock position clockwise ;
No 1 II BB 3 4182 Cr/C 3/43 Q LOT 4 DA 1942 there is a 31 with what looks like a three toed paw print to the left of the 1942 above the primer is stamped 3 in 20 C WT with a V roman numeral just below the 20

Canadian made, Dominion Arsenal, 1942; three toe stamp is actually either upside down Broad Arrow, or Canadian Maple Leaf…photo required.
What calibre/ dimensions shell?
"No.1 mk II " does not tell us much.
3/43 indicates Filling date
Doc AV

This is a 3" 20 Cwt MkV case made in 1942 by Dominion Arsenal, Canada.
The primer is filled by Cr/C which is Canadian Car Munitions Ltd. No1 Mk11 primer.
Used from 1914 in both wars as an AA gun and by the navy.
Mk V cases can be found made in UK, Australia, Canada and India (in my collection).

Wow thanks for all the info. The total length is
42 cms and the opening at the top of the case is 8 cms across