Hi Guys
I’m new to all this, but I’ve just come by a small collection of cartridges that I’d like to know more about. Once I’ve fathomed out how to add photos I’ll be able to ask sensible questions.

But before that, the collection contains two very large rounds, both headstamped No1 Gibbs but with markedly different bullet sizes. I’ve looked them up on Wikipedia, and I’m assuming I have one “express” and one standard round?


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Hello Eddie, welcome to the forum.
When writing a post there should be a little rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards which is used to attach photos.

I can’t help identify your bullets with the information given as my knowledge is still very limited.

Regards Hamish

Thanks Hamish _ I’ll give that a try

Welcome Eddie
The Gibbs Mo.1 & No. 2 generaly had two loads the “reguar” which was a round nose paper pateched lead bullet with or without a copper tube in the nose.The copper tube variation (found in a number of both British, American and European case types) was knows as the “Exprees” as it “hit like a train”. The other load was a match load, it was also a paper patched lead bullet but was longer and somewhat pointed. Another version of this match load was a long somewhat pointed jacketed bullet.
Within these two basic bullet types a good number of variations can be found.

Now that I’ve mastered photos I can show you.

Both of these have full metal jacketed bullets. The left hand one is copper but without cleaning I’m not sure the other isn’t steel.

Hello again Eddie,
Would it be possible for some photos of the headstamps as well as the exact diameter of the projectile?

Both would be very useful in identifying

Regards Hamish

Hi Hamish

The headstamps are easy enough! However, at this moment I don’t have access to a micrometer. They are however so cheap that I’ve ordered one from eBay and as soon as I’ve got it I’ll add the dimensions.


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The one on the left looks to be the typical full metal jacketed (FMJ) Match. These are oten found polished with the tinned syrface finnish removed & I think I see a little remaing finish at the case mouth, but I may be wrong & it is the variation with out the tinned GM bullet jacket.The other looks to be the same but perhaps seated further down into the caae. Hard to tell as the are not at the same level in the photo.

The left bullet seems to be seated out a little far, not much but high in what appears to be a crimping groove. The right bullet is either a lighter bullet, or seated more deeply by about 10% of the length, if they are the same length bullets. I used a little map-reading technique on the screen to prove out the difference in OACL and exposed bullet length.

John Moss

Here are three.
upper a No. 2 Gibbs 3.537" oal
lower 2 are No. 1’s
middle is 3.378" oal
bottom is 3.481" oal Bit of a reflection on this but the jacket under the tinning is GM (copper colored)
Hope this is of use