Help! 7,62x39

Hello! Can anyone help me with these cartridges? I acquired them at the Ecra 2019 meeting in Holland.
They are original?
The first two that has no primer, has a “rattle” inside. The two green bullets seems to be some kind of paper.

Thanks in advance

Hi Martin it’s experimental cardidge made by Mr. Vaclav svachoucek in Tormenta. I will try to find web sites and more info for you. Pavel

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Are the blanks “experimental” also??? They look like “stuffers”.

No blanks, these are plastic bullets and are intended for anti riot purposes if I got it right.

here is a printscteen from czech collectors websites

for more info please contact the constructor Mr… Svachoucek here you have a email address… have nice day Pavel

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Thanks Pavel!! I’m going to write