Help appreciated identifying this 7.92mm cartridge


Hello and thank you for accepting my request to join this forum.
Over the years I’ve found various cartridges, mostly on beaches around the UK and Channel Islands and thanks to searching through previous questions on this forum I’ve identified some. This one I need help with though.
Any help identifying this cartridge would be most gratefully received, I recently dug it up on my allotment and am struggling with the markings, some of which are sadly corroded.
Many thanks.


Here’s another



Remains of a U.S. Cal .30 (.30-06), Frankford Arsenal, 1929, yes?



Hi Randy,

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.


This cartridge was most likely fired by the Home Guard in training during WW2. The USA supplied millions of rounds of older .30-06 ammunition under the lend-lease program.


Hi Falcon,

Thank you for your reply.
I had been wondering how the cartridge had found it’s way to an allotment in Bath.

Many thanks.


Cases with this and other similar aged headstamps are very common in the UK even today. They are also found made into dummy rounds with red wood or plastic bullets and holes in the cases. These were used for training soldiers in the operation of weapons without use of live ammunition.