Help! Does anyone recognize this? Arabic Writing on Paper Packaging

I posted a few days ago in the hopes of finding someone whom might be able to help me with my deceased father’s ammunition collection and several of you recommended that I post some pictures, so I’m going to put a few of the interesting boxes of ammo up that I found off the top of the pile. I thank all of you in advance for helping me to start down this road.

The ammo in this box.

Egyptian 7.92x57 ammo, made in 1957.

You are amazing! Want to do more?

Another box with Arabic writing.




Probably Syrian.

These boxes are full and sealed, should I open to get to ammo so I could post a picture or leave as is?

Probably best to leave sealed.

7.5x54 MAS out of 1957 I’d say.

Deuxième boîte 7.5 mas Syrie .

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WOW. Thank you all! It’s really fun to get to know my dad a bit more by starting this process of identifying parts of his collection! I’m going to be posting pictures weekly to systematically work my way through. I hope to hear more from all of you and learn more. Have a great day!

Oh and by the way, welcome to this forum, daddysguns18. It indeed is an immense source of knowledge & experience.