Help for a new collector

Can anyone recommend a good reference for the beginning collector? I have been a shooter my whole life, and have been working in the EOD field for the last several years, so I am relatively familiar with ordinance, but have recently acquired a fair amount of cartridges from an old collection. The Headstamped stuff is going to be fairly easy to ID I hope, but I have a fair amount of both rimfire and benet primed cartridges, that I would like to ID as well. I am hoping for a good reference for these early cartridges. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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A good, basic, single info source is “Cartridges of the World”, a softcover in its 11th+ edition. It’s not too good for headstamps or early rimfires, but useful none-the-less. Please ask any other questions here, someone is bound to have an answer.

Detcord–While “Cartridges of the World” is a very good book for beginning cartridge collectors and is available at most Gun Shops and larger bookstores, it is only marginal for Rimfire cartridges. The following are very good references for rimfires:

Barber, John. 1987. The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States and Canada 1857 to 1984 an Illustrated History of its Manufacturers and Their Products. Armory Publications. Tacoma, Washington. 221p. ISBN: 0-9604982-6-5

Suydam, Charles. 1982. The American Cartridge, An Illustrated Study of the Rimfire Cartridge in the United States. Borden Publishing. 184p. ISBN: 0-875-05106-5

For Benet cartridges, since there are relativly few of these, just post a picture here on the forum for identification

If you have not already been there, click on “IAA Home” at the top of the Forum. There is a lot of good information there, including a beginning list of headstamps to get you started.

And, last, but not least, remember: There is NO question to dumb or simple. We all stated out not knowing very much. You will NEVER be laughed at or looked down on for ANY question. Please ask anything. You will get quick answers.