Help for a Nobice

I was hoping someone could tell me what era and type of bullet this is. We were cleaning out a family apartment and found it.

Welcome here BLL!
You may show us the headstamp and try to give the the case length or at least put a known item next to it (1$ bill or lighter, or a battery, a cigarette, match box).

Good evening BLL (this is Europe) and welcome to this Forum.
It seems you have there a 30-06 cartridge or 7,62 x 63. That was standard rifle ammunition of the US during several decades. If you can make a picture of the headstamp, we probably can date it and give the name of the producer. It’s nothing special (many billions were made) but always a nice souvenir when found on an unexpected place.

Thanks to both of you. I didn’t think it was valuable. Will get a pic of stamp and measurements

Here is the stamp. I truly appreciate your heLp


This is a 12.7x99 (.50 BMG) cartridge made by Winchester / Olin in 2010.

Thank you it looks so old shows I know nothing Again much thanks

A .50 BMG… OMG…(I’m embarrased) Yes, correct measurements are more or less very determinative…

Dirk, the proportions of the .30-06 and the .50 are identical to what I know. So no need to be embarrassed I think.

Thank you comforting me, Alex…