Help for identify unknown rifle

Hi.every one.
Please help for identify below photi

This is an emergency flare signal launcher. I cannot see the cartridge end but usually the flare screws in and the trigger is set into the notch. Flicked with the thumb and launched.
I have 4 different types. Possibly American?

The 15 mm Signal launcher is Russian made. He was part of the survival inventory into pilots seat after catapulting from airplane.

None of my launchers looked like this one with the pocket clip?on the end.
Do you have any photos/manual photos for my files. Thanks. Ron.


Which country?
What dose Dischrarce mean?

Written in English. I have not seen this information and container before.
The flares look like my German ones but I have never seen Russian ones.
Nice item and many thanks. I still doubt it is Russian if written in English.
I await other collectors for more information. Thanks Yaserdoma.

Discharge means to fire . When the flare is fired it is discharged.
A British or common term to fire a cartridge.

A final thought. The flare has a rimfire cartridge (I assume rather than a primer).
Usual markings are E for Eley, HP for Hirtenberg or Acorn for Germany.
This should give a hint of the country that made it?

I have an American device. North American…etc…Company. I’ll post some pictures of the device and its cartridge.

Nice to see an english marked one for export!

Here are a few from a company KOMET in Germany

Not North American etc
And centerfire. fullsizeoutput_7a9

Dirk, nice, I never saw this variant!

Very nice photos of launchers and flares. Seems I have to find more variations.
The Russian commercial package was interesting. The only headstamps shown were HP on German and V for the Russian. Good knowledge. Ron.

Here a packet of russian red flares for this device…
In Germany now the System with flares to screw into the device are not longer produced, as the BAUARTZULASSUNG expired. Each firing device needs to be appoved by the PTB and gets a certificarte number.
if expired, the Company needs a new one. As many People made them “Barrels” to fit into the device, this typ was now not longer allowed. The ones in Possession are still tolerated, but no new fabrication anymore.
Instead now, the Comet Company developped a new System, with “Clip in ammo”, which minimizes the way, to put “Barrels” on this device…
I Show first the russian box with plastic-protection on the primer-end:

and here are the new german approved ones by Comet (with russian 6mm Floberts with V-Headstamp as Propellant:/Primers