Help for identifying unknown projetile

Hi every one
I got a photo from EOD man.
There are some unknown projectile in photo.
It would be very kind of you if you help me to identify them.
Tanks alot

That’s a 100mm 3BK5M HEAT projectile for the main gun of the T-54/55 tank. Note that the driving bands are on a ball bearing to prevent projectile rotation in order to keep the effectiveness of the shaped charge.


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You said that the driving band on the projectile prevent projectile rotation!
I think it use for rotation of projectile.
Can you explain more

I know that HEAT ptojectile have not to rotationo

I mean that how driving band prevent the projectile rotation?

That gun is designed to fire standard HE and APHE shells out of a rifled barrel. The rotation degrades the effectiveness of the shaped sharge by dispersing the jet. The driving band sits on a ball bearing, so the rifling of the barrel rotates the driving band only while the shell itself remain stable by inertia.

The same system exist in 122mm. The French has a shell (OCC 105 F1) with a rotating inner part that has a same principle but with a more complicated design!

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Thanks alot
It was the imprtant point for me.
I have not knew that yet

What is your opinion about the second projectile in photo?

Soviet 85mm BR-365K (APHE-T for T-34 tank, D-44 AT gun, M1939 AA gun)

I think it is BR-412 : AP-HE
But just guess

Definitely not. The upper driving band of the 100mm shells are wider than the lower and have wider space between them. Furthermore the BR-412 is very seldom seen as it was used only around WW2. It has been superseded soon by the BR-412B. Also note the difference in diameter of the other shell.

Yes. Your are right.