Help French to English?

JP, one for you please.

These pieces of labels I have found wedged on the inside of some very old reloading machines along with some part labels for W. J. Jeffery Co. Ltd. of London (The Sharpshooters cartridges).

Perhaps this one!


I am trying to “guess” at what the missing (part visible) words are on the remaining bits of labels I have.

Item 1

I understand the;
5 Books ?
Flat Wadding
but the last bit has me guessing at it’s meaning I assume something like greased felt?

Item 2
I understand, but added it as I am assuming it is the maker/supplier of the above item as the design is consistent!

Thanks for any help


  1. 5 livres , bourres plates en feutre gris graissées
    5 pounds of flat greased grey felt wads
    (the value of the french metric pound is 500 g)

  2. It looks like to be the same label;
    To confirm that I have to check my sfm labels.
    But you have to be patient because I am leaving soon for Asia and cannot do the work before beginning of December.

  3. Your shotshell is not sfm made

Thanks JP, I almost got it right.