Help I.D. one, and 3 interesting ones from the junk box

The first and second pics are something I picked up at a junk shop here in town but as yet haven’t been able to identify. Dimensions are 4.125" long X 1.5" Dia. (probably another 1/8" to outside of rifling).

Next 2 I know, but lets see if anyone else can identify ;-)

ps: And yes, the first one is a weapon round, factory produced.


The first item is a 40mm bofors AP-T projectile missing the wind screen

Thanks for the ID on the Bofors round. The junk dealer had no idea where it turned up. the last is an “Exploder” round from the 70’s, the first is a loaded round for for a “Bang stick” for defense against sharks while diving. It’s basically a very hot .38 Spc. blank, sealed in the end of a brass housing (looks a great deal like a 30-30 case) but with a copper rupture disc where the primer would go. Next ones are I believe “Highway Masters”, as they’re in R-P cases.

Ed, The bullets on the 9mmP are so pointed they look like they might be plastic. They look black in the photo. Are they plastic or steel or what???

Any info appreciated. I have not run across these before.

Cheers Lew

I would say the 1.5 inch projectile is a 37mm APC-T round, going by the width of the driving band and the flat base it has.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the middle pointed 9mms look like they’ve been loaded with French “Arcane” AP bullets; can you tell if these are machined out of brass or copper stock (like the Arcanes), or if they’re a lead core inserted into a conical jacket (like the H-W Master)?

I have seen Highway Masters in 38 Special, but not in 9mmP. Does anyone know of factory loaded 9mmP Highway Masters (any factory, even the little speciality guys)???

The three center and the Exploder are .45, not 9mm. Projectiles are brass (or Bronze, I cant tell).

Little better pic maybe ;

Are you sure? They look WAY too long to be .45s (maybe 10mm Auto?), and the extractor groove is also larger than it should be.

A close look at your original photo and it is clear that these three rounds are larger in diameter than the 38 special, so they can’t be 9mmP. Thanks for clearing this up!!! I should have looked harder at the original photo.
Cheers, Lew

They are headstamped R-P 45 ACP, and I think the extractor grooves are exact .45 ACP, must be an optical delusion ;-), Silver primers, and the actual overall length is the same as 230 gr. ball. I weighed them once, and IIRC, the projectile weight should be about 155 gr.