Help I.D. this 357 cartridge

This question is from a Dutch member
What 357 cartridge do I have here?

Harry, this is a .38/.357 Servo Air Cartridge made by Saxby & Palmer Ltd. in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. It is loaded with compressed air by means of a hand press and fires a wadcutter bullet made of zinc that is press fit on top of the cartridge. This is one of the first models made in the early 1980’s.



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Thanks Fede


This is how a loaded cartridge looks like:

And here is drawing of the same cartridge fitted with a pellet holder, which was an adaptation to be used with subcaliber devices and also with some specially made guns.

The guns that were made to fire these cartridges were sold in the UK until 2004. A year or so before that, there was a panic by the UK government about them being converted to fire live cartridges. This was heavily based on media hype.

This eventually lead to air guns firing self-contained cartridges being categorised as prohibited firearms. However, the ban was very poorly publicised. Suddenly a perfectly legal air pistol became an illegal firearm. Being found in possession of one of these guns is now a mandatory 5 year jail term. Many people owned the guns (and likely still do) and were/are not aware that they had been quietly turned into criminals overnight.

Owners were allowed to register the guns with police as they would with other firearms. However, they can no longer be sold. If the owner decides they no longer want the gun, they are required by law to turn it into the police for destruction.

Falcon - the same thing has happened with some gun items in California. After people purchasing items, they have been made illegal with NO grandfather provision. That makes the laws Ex Post Facto laws, which are Constitutionally illegal. Of course, that means nothing anymore, as our Constitution is basically a worthless piece of paper under our current Federal Govt. and many of our State Governments. When violated by “authority” no one does anything about it.

John, if I would not know that you are living in the US one could think you are living in Germany… What you are describing is entirely normal here. In opposite to what we are getting told fascism never left us, we just got new actors/actresses and the system got a bright colored “democratic” paint job.
As you mention here it was legal to buy and own certain types of ammunition and certain weapons (sometimes only modifications to weapons). At some point the public opinion (which is none when it comes to specialized fields - like gun law) was interpreted (manipulated by the “brought into line” media) in a way where things were/are forbidden.
This means people were allowed to own certain ammo types in the past which are today under the law of war material. And comitting a crime against this law brings you minimum 5 years of free accomodation and food paid for by the tax payer.