Help i.d. this round


please I.D. this 19mm flare cartridges


These are 19mm flare cartridges for the Heckler&Koch signalling device. In use by many armies. … 482829.jpg

Your cartridges are made by PPF = “Piepenbrock Pyrotechnik Feistel GmbH, Göllheim”



I have never heard of that thanks.



These were actually sold in the U.S. Commercially, as well. The H&K Projector looked like the grip and rear of the action of an auto pistol, missing everything ahead of about the trigger - of course I said “looked like that.” Nothing was missing. I actually have saved a few examples of this, as while the projector was not a true semi-automatic - you had to hand cock the hammer for each shot as I recall, or do so operation, it was self-loading from the magazine in the grip.