HELP! I think I might have stumpled into something!

Something more than I can handle!
I have met a fellow who says he is a former member of the Ohio Cartridge Collectors Club (I think I have that right) and, Folks, he has the stuff to prove it! There is a box full of pieces that range from probably the 1860’s to the 1950’s or so. Gyrojets, Maynard rounds, Draper brass shotshells, bricks of .22 RF and much, much more! He “sold most of the good stuff and this is odds and ends left over that I need to get rid of.” Wants me to help him and I am WAY out of my league here!

There is also a binder with a .22 RF headstamp ID index. (see below) He wants to publish this if it is something that is not already available. Again, I am not familiar enough to know, is this something of value to .22 collectors?(this is just a sample, there are over 200 pieces in this index!)

Shotmeister–Depending on the price that the proposed guide would sell for there may or may not be much of a market. However, it would just be reinventing the wheel. In the 1980’s George Kass and myself published The Rimfire Headstamp Guide. We documented over 800 Rimfire headstamps with the company name (and usually the address), a professionally done line drawing of the headstamp, a picture of a typical box that the headstamp was used in and a list of all the case types known headstamp .

I have the same .22 headstamp guide, idntified as having been prepared by the Ohio Cartridge Collector’s Club. The set consists of 6 photographs labeled A thru F, a typed page for each picture with identification of each headstamp, and a cover page explaining why photographs were used rather than drawings. The photographs and identifications were also published in the cartridge collecting column of the February and March 1973 issues of The Gun Report, which I would guess was around the time the guide was put together. Frank Wheeler was the editor of the column at the time, and his comments indicate thet the cartridges used in the photographs were furnished by Ed Fabry, George Kass, Otto Witt, and Karl Bruemmer.

Very good, thanks.
The index was not intended for sale, just as information if needed but it seems not.

There is also a list of over 200 headstamps in the 50 year index,Vol 1 #2 by Shrier.