HELP I’ve found a round

Hey out with the lads because Boris says we can play gutter ball now with your mates and while out on the hunt for Victorian bottles we turned over this round (See below)

The markings I can see on the well aged arse are as follows;

R P (Not together, spaced evenly)
11 or ii (in roman nubz, not sure)<(opposite side of rim)
C (A capital C at 45o between both the other markings)

This is heavily biffed up so all what I think I might see could be inaccurate


(See comments for more pics)

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.303 MkII Cordite —1890s to early1900s.
R P??? Maybe R^L?? …Royal Laboratories, Woolwich UK.

A good photo of headstamp required.

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With the primer strike it was likely discarded as a dud.

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We guessed maybe replaced for ornate, but maybe a dud

Still would love to know what it is

Cannot get a clearer picture because the metal quality is as bad as my camera

Soak in vinegar for 1 hour, it will look like new.

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I’ve managed to find

C 11
R :arrow_up:

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It is a Roman numeral II (2), not 11. And,as Doc said, there is “L” after pheon (the broad arrow pointing up). Soak it in vinegar and you’ll see it.

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Its one of these DrPunz. A .303" Ball Mk II circa 1895.


The primer has been flattened from gas pressure, someone has stuffed a bullet into the fired case… possibly


You guys are the mutts nutts man!!!

Thank you so much for the help :green_heart: