Help ID 20mm projectile... Experimental? what caliber?

Today this projectile came in from a French auctionsite (delcampe), and was described as an experimental French projectile…
I was told by a BOCN member that the projectile should belong to a 20x139 round.

It came in a (fired and ‘re-‘crimped) 20x110 case, and I wasn’t sure of anything on this particular projectile, so I did compare the ‘bleu tipped’ projectile to a 20x139 and a 20x110RB projectile, and the crimping grooves didn’t match neither!

When compared to a 20x102 projectile, the crimping grooves are spot on.

So my guess is that it is in fact a 20x102 projectile

Someone draws a different conclusion ? (or has some original documentation about it ?)

The Delcampe auction:,25 … 0g7QGqPJ9O

Thanks bdgreen, i forgot to add that link

I’ve also added a picture with the dimensions of the projectile which is useful for identifying


Hi Geert, this is indeed a projectile for the 20x139 case that is designated “Obus d’exercise de portée réduite Modèle F” (20 mm OX POR RED F) and meant for the F2 canon. It weighs c. 90 g.

Regards, Fede.

PS: This is not for proof testing but for short range practice.

I had not heard of before, thanks for pointing out this site. The search engine seems similar to Gunbroker in that it is hyper-specific, and does not interpolate plural or singular, so searching for “cartridge” vs “cartridges” will show different results. All of the ordnance items seem inert, and I found that typing the word “munition” or “munitions” returns the most relevant results for cartridge collectors.

for fede ,i had in the past a live 20x139 with this projectile painted blue and marqued in white “surpression”

The documentation I have about this projectile indicates that it was designed for short range practice. Do you have a picture of this proof marked example?


sorry i don’t have picture of my round (i nevers photograph my collection)