Help ID 3 rough 45's

See Photos, These 3 rough 45’s all appear to come from the same manufacturer all have plain steel bullets if they were ever coated there is none now, all have no headstamp, all have brass primers, about the only difference are the primer crimps No 1 on the left has none, No 2 has 4, 2 on the edge of primer rim and 2 further in, and the 3rd on the right has 6 primer crimps, all have faint bullet seating cannelures and the last difference is the width of the extractor groove, the middle round is wider, the first round has “jap machine gun” written on it, did the Japs make 45 ammo ? are they Chinese ? OR ? Help please



                  Thanks   Randy

Randy, I have seen the round with six primer crimps described as probably Chinese. Ken Elks in his upcoming book on Chinese ammunition pictures all three of these of these and indicates that they are “believed to be of Chinese manufacture”. He indicates that they were found among other Chinese ammunition.

China made a lot of 45 ACP in the late WWII or immediate post war period, but some much earlier for the Chinese made copies of the Thompson submachine gun and for the 45ACP version of the Mauser pistol which they also produced. The earliest dated Chinese 45ACP that I have seen documented is from 1929.



Just to let everybody know, I shall have copies of Ken’s new book on Chinese ammunition at SLICS. (He pays me to be his literary agent, you know!)


OK Thanks lew, Chinese made was my guess as well, nice to get confirmation, I must get a copy of Kens new book. Randy