Help ID .50 bmg bullet

A bullet was found at a military training ground in Ukraine. The jacket is solid brass. The jacket thickness is approximately 3 mm.
Inside, the top of the jacket has a silver color substance (incendiary ??). It looks like an API bullet, but with a dropped core. Perhaps this is an inert composition (as in M33), and not incendiary?
The weight of the bullet in its current state (the jacket and some residual composition inside) is about 30 grams.
Can someone help identify this bullet?
Thanks in advance!

12.7 Solid-1

Looks like a 13.2 mm Hotchkiss projectile. Did you compared your example with the known types?

I do not think that this is a 13.2mm Hotchkiss since this is a modern bullet. Found at a modern military shooting range. And the Solid design is not typical of old bullets.
I made a cut of this bullet. Now the design is more clear. With inscriptions I marked where the incendiary compound was and where the core was supposedly.

Thanks a lot for the update, very clarifying, this is indeed a .50 Cal. (12.7x99) bullet. It is a US API design made by Southern Ballistic Research, LLC in Brunswick, Georgia. Ukraine tested this cartridge a few years ago.




Thanks to Fede. You have confirmed my suspicions. Now all the rumors that were about this situation have become more clear to me.
It was a detective shipment to Ukraine which led to a criminal case. The corruption price of cartridges, the incompetence of buyers on the part of Ukraine (all their desire was to make money). The zero effect of armor penetration in these API bullets was demonstrated at a military training ground (more precisely two). With this design, no action of the AP occurs. Only the ignition effect. Which happens BEFORE the armor. Not AFTER. The name observational is more suitable for such a pool. Not AP.
The core in the form of a nail (with a flange) must completely cut-pierce-expand its own shell along the entire bullet with its flange … Fantastic. What were the bullet developers thinking? Rhetorically.

Fede, I have one more question about this. Perhaps you will help. When there was this whole story with the supply of cartridges to Ukraine, I took a picture of a cut AP bullet from 7.62x54. Is this bullet produced by the SBR too? Because it looks very similar.

Thanks to you for sharing these great pictures and information.

Regarding the other bullet, yes, that is another AP design made by this company offered in hardened steel and tungsten carbide penetrator variants, and also with a copper or brass outer jacket options. I have seen them loaded in Hornady cases made by S&B.



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Thank you very much Fede!